Hereinafter named Bios as Data Controller, informs you pursuant to the applicable national legislation and the European Privacy Regulation no. 679/2016 (“GDPR”) that your data will be processed as follows.

Privacy is very important to us and we want you to always feel protected. For this reason we invite you to read the information carefully.
By using our services, you transmit or share with us some information which in some cases allows us to provide the service, in other cases to satisfy your needs and to improve ourselves. In this document we would like to explain to you:

1. what data we use;
2. on what legal basis and for what reasons do we collect your data;
3. how your data is used;
4. which data are mandatory and which are optional;
5. how long your data is kept;
6. who can have access to your data;
7. to whom your data may be communicated;
8. where your data can be transferred;
9. what are your rights;
10. who is the Data Controller of your data and who is the Data Protection Officer
11. How we protect your data
12. Changes to this information
13. Legislative references and useful links

1. What data do we use?
In Bios we use various of your personal data (hereinafter “personal data” or also “data”), namely:
● the data provided by you, identifying and non-sensitive such as: name, surname, address, email, telephone number, these are the data you provided us when you requested commercial information from us or when you used one of our services in our centres.
● i dati legati alle tue preferenze ed interessi, in particolare:, l’uso dei servizi, i tempi di connessione, i dati di traffico, i dati di navigazione su siti e profili social di Bios o di partner commerciali o di terzi soggetti, l’indirizzo IP o i nomi a dominio dei computer utilizzati dagli utenti che si connettono al sito, i device e le connettività utilizzate.
● This data can also be collected by means of cookies and metadata.| ||164
● I dati che identificano la tua posizione durante l’utilizzo, raccolti mediante l’IP Address e il Country Code.

2. Why and on what legal basis do we collect your data?
The data you provide allows us, on the one hand, to carry out all administrative activities relating to the registration and use of the Bios websites, and helps us to understand your habits, your interests and your preferences to give you services that are increasingly designed for you, personalized and made to evolve in line with your needs.
Specifically, your personal data are processed for the following purposes:
a) without your prior consent for the purposes of the service and in particular for:
● the execution of the contract or the fulfillment of pre-contractual commitments:| ||171
– permetterti la registrazione al sito Bios l’accesso e l’utilizzo dei servizi di gestione e prenotazione online
– provide you with all the services that fall within the Bios commercial offer, such as booking Online or the use of our electronic diary
– access and use of the “community” services of the websites.
Furthermore, we can suggest the services that may interest you based on those already
used by you. In this regard, during some services you will be provided with further and
specific information on the processing of your personal data, in addition to this
privacy information;
– gestire e mantenere i siti web e il tuo account al loro interno;
– improve customer care activity, our services, contents and services through analysis
statistics aggregated on an anonymous basis, such as the analysis of your possible
conversations with our call center operators
– provide, administer and manage all the services requested by you, providing where necessary
the sending of service and assistance communications;
– carry out statistical analyzes on a anonymous.
● the pursuit of a legitimate interest of the Data Controller:
– manage complaints and disputes, recover debts, prevent fraud and illicit activities;
– esercitare i diritti e tutelare gli interessi legittimi del Titolare, ossia di Bios o di terzi
Owners for example the right of defense in court;
– send you commercial communications to the address email provided by you, if you are already our customer, relating to Bios services similar to those you have already used. Each email sent will allow you, by clicking on the appropriate link, to refuse further mailings.
– send you commercial communications to the telephone number you provided, if you are already our customer, relating to Bios services similar to those which you have already enjoyed. Each communication sent will allow you, by responding to it, to refuse further mailings.
● marketing purposes:
– to inform you with telephone calls, emails, , SMS, MMS, notifications and newsletter of the initiatives and offers of Bios and its commercial partners;
– to offer you questionnaires on the satisfaction of our services provided
● the fulfillment of legal obligations:
– respect and fulfill the obligations established by laws, regulations, community regulations,
orders and requirements of the competent authorities.
b) only after you have expressed your consent, for other non-service purposes, and precisely for:
● profiling purposes, i.e. to analyse, even in an automated manner, your preferences and interests (for example the use of services, including those|| |199
acquistati, i prodotti acquistati) e proporti servizi, contenuti, iniziative e offerte personalizzate per te.

3. How are your data used?
Your personal data is used for collection, organization, recording, storage, consultation, analysis, matching, processing, modification, selection, extraction, database comparison, use, interconnection, crossing, blocking, communication, deletion and destruction of data. Your personal data is subjected to paper, electronic and automated processing and stored in databases.

4. Which data is mandatory and which is optional?
Users are free to provide their personal data for the purposes highlighted in this
document. Not providing your personal data for these purposes may mean that
it will not be possible to manage your registration as a user or use certain features or services available through our platform. Hereby, the user ( You) guarantees that the Personal Data provided is true and correct and agrees to report any changes or modifications. If you provide us with the Personal Data of third parties, you will be responsible for informing them and obtaining their consent for these details to be provided for the purposes set out in the corresponding sections of this Privacy Policy.
Any loss or damage caused to the Platform, to the Data Controllers or to any third party through the communication of erroneous, imprecise or incomplete information on the registration and contact forms will be the sole responsibility of the user.
Among the information we collect some are essential to provide you with our services, others help us to offer you an increasingly better service day after day. In particular:
● the provision of your personal data, processed for service purposes is necessary to use the services requested through the Bios websites;
● the provision of your personal data, processed for other purposes, is optional. Failure to provide them does not prevent you from using Bios services, but you will not be able to receive our commercial communications and personalized offers.
If you have purchased a Gift Card, if you provide us with the personal data of third parties, You will be responsible for informing them and obtaining their consent and we will be able to process their data for the purpose of
A. manage the provision of the service
B. satisfy any request that you or that third party may make.

If you wish to honor a person with a Bios service, if you provide us with the personal data of third parties, you will be responsible for informing them and obtaining their consent we will be able to process their data for the purpose of
A. manage the provision of the service
B. satisfy any request that you or that third party may make.

If you wish to advise someone about a Bios service, if you provide us with the personal data of a third party, you will be responsible for informing them and having obtained their consent we will be able to process their data for the purpose of
A. manage the provision of the service
B. To comply with any request that you or that third party may make

If you submit your CV to us to be considered for an application for an open position, we will use the information contained in your CV solely for that purpose. Your CV will be kept for a maximum period of 36 months, after which it will be deleted: if you wish, you can of course send us a new updated version.

5. How long are your data stored for?
The processing may take place either through computer systems and automated processes, or manually.
Bios stores and uses your personal data to avoid over 10 years from the end of the relationship
for service purposes and in any case for the limitation period established by law, for no later than 36 months from the end of the relationship for marketing purposes; for the time of your consent and in any case for no later than 36 months from collection, for profiling purposes. Subsequently, your data is made anonymous and processed for aggregate and anonymous statistical analysis.
If you decide to close your account, Bios will retain your personal data only for administrative purposes, without prejudice to any further needs for which their further maintenance is granted and/or required by specific legal provisions.

6. Who can have access to your data?
We care about your privacy and do everything to protect you. This is why we share your data only when strictly necessary and only with those who help us offer you a better service every day. Your data is in fact accessible to:
● employees and/or collaborators of Bios or companies connected to the Bios group, who contribute to creating, providing and improving all Bios services in their capacity as representatives and /or internal data controllers and/or system administrators;
● Bios group companies and service providers who carry out outsourced activities on behalf of Bios - in their capacity as external data controllers - carrying out activities connected, instrumental or supporting those of Biolase, for example: management and maintenance of website contents, customer assistance, customer care and call center services, management of Information Technology systems, editorial services, credit recovery, processing services data for invoicing, archiving of documentation relating to relationships with customers, etc

7. Who will process your data
The processing operations concerning your data will be carried out by:
A. Bios as data controller, as well as its employees, collaborators and suppliers, as managers and/or persons in charge of processing,
specially appointed;
B. by all the companies of the Bios group, as independent data controllers and by their employees and collaborators, in their respective capacity as representatives, under the terms and conditions set out in the previous articles. 3, 4 and 6;
C. the Centers in the area, as data controllers and the related employees and collaborators, designated as data processors;
D. any additional third party service providers duly appointed as data controllers, where necessary, the list of which will be constantly updated and at your disposal by contacting the Data Controller.

8. Where can your data be transferred?
Your data may be transferred outside the European Union to the subjects specified in paragraphs 6 and 7
To protect your data in the context of these transfers, Bios adopts appropriate safeguards including adequacy decisions and standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission.

9. What are your rights?
Up until now we have talked about how we process your data and how we behave; now we will explain to you what your rights are, so that you can always have control of your privacy and your information.
If the limitations established by law do not apply, you have the right to:
You will be able to exercise the rights to which you are entitled at any time, including in particular:
A. ask the Data Controller for access to your data and/or their rectification or cancellation and, where permitted, the portability of the same;
B. obtain the limitation of the processing that concerns you or oppose the same;
C. revoke your consent to marketing, profiling or communication of your data at any time, without this affecting in any way the possibility of making reservations on the Site or using the generic contents provided on the Channels
online ;
D. lodge complaints with the Guarantor Authority for the protection of personal data.
We remind you that your right to object to processing for marketing purposes through automated contact methods (e.g. email, SMS, pre-recorded telephone calls) is also extends to traditional ones. However, the possibility of exercising this right in part remains unaffected, as provided by law.
You can request an updated list of all designated data controllers at any time by contacting the Data Controller at the addresses indicated here below.
You can at any time modify and revoke the consent given and exercise your rights in various ways:
by sending an email toinfo@bios. it
or by written communication to our registered office Bios PUT REGISTERED OFFICE
10. Who is the Data Controller of your data?
Who is the Data Protection Officer?
Remember, for any need, that the Data Controller of your personal data is Matteucci Alessandra| ||267
Puoi contattarlo all’indirizzo [email protected]
The updated list of our data controllers is available at the Bios offices. REGISTERED OFFICE| ||271

Questo testo potrà subire modifiche. Per ogni aggiornamento, ti invitiamo a consultare i nostri siti web e gli altri canali messi a disposizione da Bios

11 Security of personal data
The user's personal data is processed by Bios in compliance with current security provisions in order to avoid data loss, illegitimate or illicit use of data and unauthorized access to data. Furthermore, the information systems and computer programs are configured in such a way as to minimize the use of personal and identification data which are used only when necessary for the specific processing purposes pursued from time to time. Personal data is recorded and stored on secure servers, access to which is controlled and permitted only to duly authorized personnel; furthermore, specific encryption technologies are used for the transmission of some data via the Internet.

12. Changes to this information
The constant evolution of our services may lead to changes in the characteristics of the processing of your personal data described so far. Consequently, this privacy policy may undergo changes and additions over time, which may also be necessary in relation to new regulatory interventions regarding the protection of personal data.
We therefore invite you to check periodically the contents: where possible, we will try to promptly inform you about the changes made and their
consequences. The updated version of the privacy policy, in any case, will be published on this page, with indication of the date of its last update .

13. Legislative references and useful links
The processing of your personal data is carried out by Bios in full compliance with the regulations on the matter provided for by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 general regulation on data protection, the rules on processing of Italian personal data and the provisions of the Italian Supervisory Authority (