We work every day to offer our customers technologies most effective in the world of aesthetics, we always seek the best technologies on the market to guarantee the best results and well-being of our customers.

Our staff, highly qualified in the use of new technologies, will be able to advise the treatments best suited to customer needs.

Our equipment


Laser Diode 808

The new frontier of permanent hair removal. The diode laser is capable of emitting a beam of red light with a wavelength of 808 mm which, passing through the skin, is absorbed by the pigment present in the hair bulbs.



La Vacuum è un tipo di terapia che si serve di coppette vuote che vanno a provocare una congestione temporanea sulla zona interessata , favorisce la circolazione sanguigna e linfatica, ridurre gonfiori e pesantezza dovuti al ristagno dei liquidi.


Exudative Treatment

Wellness treatment, which produces a regenerating effect on the whole body, improves the purifying action of the mud, eliminating waste and toxins.
The skin immediately appears brighter and smoother.



Aesthetic treatment which uses pressure on certain areas of the body to promote the flow of liquids and thus improving circulation and drainage.


Doctor Lifting

Thanks to the innovative LED mask,
effective and painless, it manages to counteract the loss of tone of the skin to the appearance of wrinkles, guaranteeing excellent results immediately.



Technique that allows you to reshape the skin of the face and body, thus slowing down and reducing the effects of sagging skin and aging. Non-invasive and painless.


Body Laser

Latest generation technology, capable of reducing localized fat and toning the treated area.


Body Slimming

Cutting-edge treatment, which reshapes your body, with 4 technologies in a single handpiece.


Facial cleansing with Skin Scrub

Facial cleansing with ultrasonic handpiece, which stimulates cellular turnover, giving the skin a luminous and smooth appearance.


Face Up

Cutting-edge treatment, which oxygenates and stimulates the elastic fibers of the skin, with 4 technologies in a single handpiece.


Skin analysis with Skin Test

Thanks to the Skin Test you will be able to discover all the characteristics and learn about the treatments and products best suited to your skin type.|| |357